• Return to Work Program

    Return to Work Program

    Providing employees with suitable job alternatives.

  • Light Duty Assignment

    Labor Market Survey

    Expert analysis of the labor market and wage potential.

  • Interim Employment Rehab

    Making the Connection

    Helping employers efficiently tap into the alternative job market.

You - The Volunteer

Offsite light duty volunteer assignments are a great recovery opportunity. 

Hosting Organizations

Connect with FREE local volunteer talent & help a neighbor recover.

Sponsoring Employers

Expanding the return-to-work program through paid volunteerism.

Premier Workers’ Comp Disability Reemployment Vendor

The workers' compensation system seeks to help injured workers return to productive employment. Studies show that the longer a person is off work, the less likely they are to return to gainful employment. Potentially a devastating effect on the worker, their family, and the community at large! Work Bridge Group is a full service return-to-work vendor, providing reemployment support to the insurance claim professional and the clients they serve. With a depth of vocational expertise in insurance litigation, risk management, and return-to-work best practices, our team is the perfect choice for RTW claim support.

Return-to-work requires a coordinated effort among vendor suppliers, employers, injured employees, and the workers' compensation carrier. Firmly committed to technology advancements, integration with existing claim system processes is our specialty. From self-insured employer RTW program support to the one-off high-exposure litigated claim, we aim to provide prompt, cost-effective documentation of RTW feasibility. 


Return-to-Work Programs

Transferable Skills Analysis

Interim/Transitional Duty Placement

Labor Market Surveys

Reemployment Assessment

Job Placement Services

Vocational Expertise

Expert Witness Testimony

Federal & Maritime Workers' Comp


Our passion is helping to successfully integrate return-to-work strategies into complex, multi-jurisdictional claim environments.

Light Duty Transitional Return-to-Work Programs

The claim buzzwords of today (and probably tomorrow): “Not-for-Profit Placement (NFP).” Or, more accurately described, an employer sharing an injured worker with an offsite volunteer organization that can directly benefit the local community. Employers in the trucking, hospitality, construction trades, and a host of other highly physical industries employ some of the finest employees in the world. When injury temporarily prevents an employee from physically performing their regular job, light-duty jobs are a critical part of successful recovery.

Offsite paid volunteerism offers a proven alternative to traditional onsite modified duty job offer options. Work Bridge Group specializes in coordinating offsite light duty placements with local community service organizations. Read more about our alternative return-to-work programs here.

Have a real-life reemployment story?
We’d love to hear about it!

Are you a community service organization working with an injured worker volunteer that is particularly helpful or impressive? Go ahead, brag on them! Perhaps you, or someone you know, is a claim professional with valuable RTW insight from a specific claim situation or jurisdiction you’d like to share. Good or bad, your comments make a difference.

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