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Welcome! If you are exploring this page, chances are that you’re an employer risk manager, insurance carrier or Third-Party Claims Administrator (TPA) with a curiosity on the topic of offsite transitional or modified duty RTW programs. The option to augment in-house return to work programs through partnership with local community service organizations holds exciting potential.

Your Work Bridge Group team is here to help. It has been our pleasure to assist a great number of injured workers, employers and volunteer service organizations in coordinating light duty work that makes a huge positive difference in overall claim management outcome.

Employer-sponsored return-to-work programs differ by state and corporate culture. However, most have one thing in common - the goal to help employees recover from work injury and return to the best jobs possible. The Work Bridge Group is part of that process. From locating viable volunteer assignment matches to handling the paperwork and placement follow-up processes, we’re excited to be a trusted resource for reemployment support.

Have questions about coordinating off-site paid volunteer light duty?

The best place to get real-time answers about light duty program design, compliance and funding is your workers’ comp insurance claim administration team. Typically, off-site volunteering is a part of an insured’s ongoing return-to-work program that is administered with the help of claim adjusters who are well versed in technical requirements. There are compelling financial benefits available to employers that invest in proactive RTW strategies. However, the logistics of paying and overseeing injured employees who are scattered at off-site locations is not without complexities. If your team is new to the idea, please invite them to learn more by requesting a free consult now.

Fortunately, off-site paid volunteering has a track record of effectiveness.

Thanks to precedence setting efforts of leading national trucking, construction, retail and hospitality employers, off-site light duty RTW programs are a modern-day reality. Advocating for long-haul truck drivers, construction workers, housekeeping staff and more, these pioneers have set a path of proactive RTW initiatives that makes engaging local community involvement an easier walk today.

Building a legacy of excellence in advocacy for injured workers, employers and the communities that surround them.

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