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Wow. Volunteer Power.

Wow! Volunteer Power.

Sure, volunteering makes us feel good. But, did you know that, when you volunteer, you are improving your life and maybe even your health?

The benefits of volunteering are countless. But there definitely are social, emotional, physical, and professional perks.

If you have ever volunteered, you may have observed that you felt fantastic afterward. Perhaps there was a little boost in your mood, or maybe a heartwarming feeling of being part of a team. You felt like you made a difference. When we volunteer, real changes can occur as a result of our efforts. We may even witness the effects that our efforts have on others in our community. volunteers enjoy is a sense of accomplishment in knowing others are being helped through giving our time and resources.

People volunteer for many reasons. It may be to support a cause they are passionate about or to engage in their community. We often volunteer to help groups or individuals who need it the most without expecting any reward. But, there are even more benefits. Volunteering creates a subtle shift in ourselves. We feel more connected to others, the normal stresses of daily life fall into a different perspective. As we share our experiences with others it creates a desire to do more.


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