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    Alternative RTW program strategies run parallel to the major focus of returning employees to full and active duty with their employer and address the “what if” it’s not possible factor.

Workers’ Comp Return-to-work (RTW) Program Vendor

Each workplace injury poses the question, “will the injured employee be able to perform his job, after he/she gets well?” By addressing this question throughout the recovery process both the employee and the employer can explore the potential of return-to-work together.

Work Bridge Group is a cheerleader for the concept of an ALTERNATIVE RTW PROGRAM, as a compliment to existing efforts. Alternative RTW program strategies run parallel to the major focus of returning the employee to full and active duty with their employer and address the “what if” factor.

Our service offerings comprise a unique combination of vocational research and support that introduces alternative employment options at various points in a claim. The process gathers valuable information about the employment options in the local community and efficiently prepares it for consideration in the process of re-employment.  By addressing three simple employment factors, the Alternative RTW Program stops inertia that can occur when we are faced with an injury or employment situation that could potentially bar an injured worker from returning to his/her former job.

From community based transitional work programs to hands-on field support, full documentation of all efforts to assist the employee in securing a new job is provided to all parties. These services are extremely powerful and are provided by either a Vocational Professional or qualified Paraprofessional, depending upon jurisdiction.

Work Bridge Group is Nationwide

Nationwide Return to Work Program

Service Overview

The ultimate goal for any injured employee is to return to work at their pre-injury job. Industry statistics indicate that Employers are not always able to accommodate their employees with modified duty positions within their operations. This may be due to the physical nature of the workplace, proximity of employee’s residence to employer facilities or the absence of onsite employer modified duty program.


Offsite paid volunteerism offers a proven alternative to traditional onsite modified duty job offer options. Work Bridge Group specializes in coordination of offsite light duty placements with local community service organizations. Recognizing that the concept of offsite volunteer job offers pose unique challenges in coordination of workers’ compensation benefit payments, time & attendance and legal compliance, we routinely strive to share newly acquired expertise and insights to improve outcomes.

Labor market research provides specific labor market trends and openings for identified occupations. Availability and wages are determined by direct contact with employers. The research process documents jobs for which an individual would qualify and access based upon the incidence of those jobs occuring in the  local or regional economy.


An accepted method of vocational proof used to establish residual wage-earning capacity, the goal of a labor market research is to project the wage that someone with a claimant's capabilities would earn on the open labor market under normal conditions. The process establishes the existence of realistically available job opportunities within the geographical area where the employee resides which he/she is capable of performing (considering age, education, work experience, and physical restrictions), and which could be secured if he/she diligently tried.

When an injured employee is unable to return to the pre-injury job due to permanent work restrictions, layoff, or termination, tap into a deep well of job search resources. With a depth of vocational expertise and a keen understanding of state-specific jurisdictional regulation, Work Bridge Group is unparalleled in job search commitment.


Complete with medical review and approval, the reemployment process identifies real life employment opportunities matched with an injured employee’s job search goals. Support of this effort typically includes online access to comprehensive documentation, timely follow-up and litigation expertise as needed. An excellent resource for defending or challenging catastrophic designation as well as bringing “good faith” job search intent to the forefront for all parties to a claim.
Work Bridge Group is firmly committed to improving claim outcomes through real-time labor market analysis, job placement support, expertise in jurisdictional compliance and sheer determination to bridge existing gaps in claim communication strategies.


Some of our most effective client partnerships have evolved from a willingness to customize one or all existing service offerings to best meet individual claim program needs. The results have been a longstanding history of successful creative collaboration in the areas of pricing structures, process improvement, technology implementation, private label, back-office administrative support services and program reporting analytics.

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